Body Bags

Body Bags

I hate all of you
Especially your bloodline
I made you acknowledge me
Just by that one line
I never been to rome
But there’s no end to my reign
I should’ve wrote for Fort Minor
And y’all will remember my name
The neighbors know it
Not just because I’m a poet
They hear your girl moaning
While I be choking and stroking
I told God to not make me a rapper
Cause I’ll stay in the booth
That Snoh was almost dry
So I let the smokers shine the coupes

What makes me upset
Is that everyone got my name in the mouth
The weak ones are the weakest
And the loudest by far
Who said you can step close to me?
I write with the best of them
I’m God’s Son writing poetry in honor of God’s Son
These bars about to blow your mind
Let me talk my talk
In a more grammatical way instead
Then I’ll feed you to Red
And it’s off with your head

I’ve been wreaked of madness
That’s why I summoned Havoc
Having the audacity to come for little brother
That’s tragic
I’ve been to Orlando
Always brought the magic
You’ve been full of shit
That’s why you need a laxative
I’m poetry’s professional prolific poet
You better act like you know it
And if you don’t know
You will eventually

You’re stupid,
You’re dumb
Your bars are average
I should’ve been named Mayhem Mark Cuban
The way I own the Mavericks
It’s so appalling how you claim to be the homie
Then act like you don’t know me
To feast on my leftovers
You can’t even differentiate whether you’re drunk or sober
Something’s been on my plate
A peculiar thought
Why do I have to spazz on every poem
Just to get the applause?
I wonder why…
Let me count to five
1, 2, 3, 4
Sike! I lied
You’ll never find God in the garden
There’s nothing unique
Except for remedial poets
That are looking for beef
Claiming its “all love” from the other side of the streets
Being controlled by a snake
Wanting privacy
But can’t be discreet
You phishing for some answers
Here’s a real one
Don’t bring a sword to this fight
You’ll get popped by the gun
Then I’m gunna push p
Slow it down, run it back!
I just pushed poetry in one line!
I really want to say so mo’
But when I do
You won’t get a welcome back or a welcome home
I’ll transmute your name to sans
And you’ll beg for mercy
While I decimate you with bars like I’m Indigo
With the indi flow
Give all of you a blood bath
Feast over your carcass like a Lion, Now that’s an indi show

Okay, back to the subject matter at hand
I want to get y’all mad
That was part of the plan
King and Zay
They’re not ready for this poem tonight
We’ve been established as three goats
All we needed was one mic
We got the crown
No one cutting these wings
We orchestrate our stories in A Minor the way Alicia Keys sings
We’re not ordinary people
We know which way to go
We’re not even moving fast
Y’all just moving slow

And before I go
Let’s make one thing clear
Eyes haven’t seen
What ears couldn’t hear
The next time you say my name
You better use it with respect
Red says it’s off with your head
I’m slicing your neck
Havoc going to stand over the body
And watch you disintegrate
I’m going to take real pumps of the blunt
To show you I wasn’t fake
Poetic Mafia is poetic Justice
We’re no cheap thrill
We’re better than all of you now
And will be better than you still
Get your shit together
Before it’s too late
Cause when Cinco de Mayo comes
You would’ve solidified your fate.
⁃ Mayhem

Who the fuck do you think are to be demanding a poem from me?
I’m the Mozart of this art, like all these written no-gimmick bars are my profession,
Woah, that flow’s a fragment piercing you and while you’re bleedin’, I tell you a fine confession:
This is freedom of expression,
This is me out of depression,
Physics is nowhere near a suggestion
For reason behind the never yet reached depths of my perception.

Boy you be readin’ these ill bars by a writer so sublime
You couldn’t fathom or imagine what it’s like to be behind
The steering wheel of the high-paced drive up in my mind,
All these niggas spitting free-verse, like that’s skilled, yeah sure
But they’re nowhere close to flowing poems so potent it could blind,
You can play this like over to cope, you’ll need to pause and rewind
Not one, two, three but at least four times.

This be that sick spittin’ raw shit you aint heard on the mic,
This be that thick dick masculinity half gentleman half crazed psych
This lions roar will make ya mind soar,
This wordplay be the new age strength like Thor,
You basic writers way too slow, mumble talking on the mic and reading shit like Baby Pro,
You niggas on that mainstream shit
This be that underground vicious wit
Boy I’ve been decollating downtown before Poetry was ever the solution for ya mental breakdown
I’m that middle-school rap era, some of you didn’t make it outta high school so ima slow it down & make this clearer:
In order to succeed in this game
You must write your own shit
They got you out here mimicking me, tryna write a hit
Got you out here looking bad, you should just quit
I seen you at Thompson’s Poetry Cafe man, The crowd didn’t like you, they laughed through your whole segments lifespan
Take your whole act and give it to Oscar in the trashcan
Study ya mentor, Mailin, remember SHE GOT FLOW.
OTP only dick riding for notoriety, to put on a show
Twitter got y’all in a choke hold, you just can’t let it go
Got y’all searching for clout cus ya self esteem low
How you & her a team but you stuck in her shadow?
Too busy worried about me when your career sliding down the slope
And I ain’t talking about the mountains
Out here with Deion Sanders as the new coach
Ima leave it here, cuz PPC let me on this site so your intellect can squirt,
Your bitch wish she could be next to me, but I’ve already turned her down, you too concerned coming after me when its her You should be following around

Niggas always sleep on me, go to bed
No one is as hungry in this game, overfed
Niggas know I got the dough, loaf of bread
Coat of red on the rims, motorhead
Snitches need to be quiet I don’t wanna hear a peep
Actin like they real they so Meryl Streep
The Poetic Mafia, we Adele, rollin’ in the deep
Comin like sex after deep slow strokes it’s a promise I’m a keep

This diss ain’t fake, real Lacoste, crocodile
Bitch are you reading Death on the Nile?
Could you please delete that file?
Or just shut the fuck up for a while?
I’m faster than a hurricane
I’m hotter than that bitch Jane Lane
From all the insults I’ve heard I could go insane
Now bitches, you can kiss my ass in the rain
You can scream how I am great
I’m never too soon, neither too late
And I’ll always keep my faith
Until Heaven opens its gate
Slut, could you just take that dildo, & stick it?
I gotta real thing, don’t you want to lick it?
Just like a bisquit
Their heads are calculators, digit!

Lust of power is the most flagrant of all the passions
Too late to reconcile I have no more compassion
I’m just going to put your head on my wall & call it furniture fashion
This is Havoc, Mayhem, & Red on 1 poem, we just killed it
And yes its all 3 of our signatures on your death certificate

1,2 Havocs coming for you

3,4 better lock the door

5,6 now you’re shittin Bricks

7,8 time to dig your grave

I’m a one man army like Ason unique Ol’ dirty bastard check out my technique cause
You got no chance in hell to take me down

This is Gotham city I’m Batman and you’re the clown

It’s bout time to rain on your parade where’s the clouds? Haven’t you heard the prince is in town?

Time to wreak havoc & mash the button of mass destruction and destroy everything you care about I don’t give a fuck about the battle it’s only about the war

Skydiving into the land of my enemies attacking you niggas with alliteration and similes

Knowledge is power but only for those who are willing to seek it

Makes sense why you would be dumb enough to make me your enemy cause you wasn’t willing to peep shit

My pen is the sword !

The proper choice of weapon you just a little salamander and you thought you were a dragon?

Well it’s time to get slain cause ain’t no half stepping like big daddy cane

I came to crash your plane and mash your brain at the bottom of my timberland boots there’s your blood stains

It’s time to smoke dat leaf pack

Light it up Uchiha style fire ball Justu blow’em away rasenshuriken

If you don’t know now you know nigga I’m the son of a gun that’s not afraid to pull the trigger

This is Mortal Kombat so I guess you’re headed nowhere it’s time for her close up go ahead and finish her down-forward-back-down-triangle

Head all screwed up Drop you like gravity time to meet your maker


So if you up yo shit you better be ready to blow don’t be scared now Mrs puff I’m the warlord of these 7 seas you can’t escape off no boat

Cause I’m the captain now !!

Platitudinous excuse for a human being I’m tired of your obsequious behavior

You done let out the beast and you are now my prey you got no chance in hell to escape

The monster from underneath your bed finally decided to come out and play

goodbye now your welcome was overstayed

Do you believe in the Boogeyman?!

Ready or not here I come times for Childs play so let’s have some fun

1,2 Havocs coming for you

3,4 better lock the door

5,6 now you’re shittin Bricks

7,8 time to dig your grave

And now
Back to your regularly scheduled programs
Sleep in Misery
Rest In Torment

-The Mafia has left the building


Juliet’s Chalice

I learned three things in my lifetime


Be careful what you pour into your cups

Everything that looks good doesn’t taste good


Watch where you leave your glass

And who you leave it with

They’ll want a seat at your table

But ready to eat off your plate


Guard yourself before trying to be on guard for someone else

I decided to write a letter to Juliet

With a different scheme

Ready to cause destruction

Become disruptive

That this poem

No, this story

Causes sheer and utter combustion

And I address it saying

“Dear Juliet,

It shouldn’t have come to this

Your words had me convinced you were solid

But deep down

I knew it was bullshit

I wish you’d remember the flame you possessed

But you’re obsessed with a snake in the garden

That wants to see you in distress

Instead of being surrounded by love

You’re trapped in lust

The wind never stops blowing in pain

The wind keeps moving with stronger gusts

What’s your song now?

A one man band man

Ready to put on a show

Once ready to close the curtain

But unsure of where you wanted to go

I never said much about my frustration

But let’s address the controversy and the contamination

Contaminated with forbidden fruit and mislead dreams

Weren’t you taught to ask questions before choosing what to eat?


I wish that you guarded your heart

While we’re giving you flowers

She stabbed your soul with knives and darts

Now your muse has you trapped in a bed of Ivy’s

Only using you for your credibility

That’s far from mighty

Kings know how to move wherever there’s violence

You’ve dressed up in silence

Called everyone up whenever you wanted to riot

Had yourself phishing for the truth

When it was right in your face

But chose to abandon your day ones

What a disgrace!

You had the freedom to release

Now you’re back to square one

Gun pointed on your heart

Noosed your emotions around your neck

If you wanted to be the poster boy for a traitor

You’ve made the perfect silhouette

Juliet, don’t make a response

Juliet, don’t make a freestyle

Juliet, go to your room

And if you even think about moving

I’ll treat you as if you’re my child

No more beats and posting sad allegories

Play modern warfare and keep that mouth zipped

Don’t reach out in an individual or group text

Wondering why there’s beef

Once you hear that click, clack, pow,

You’ll want to call the police

This is highly impressionable

Lord forgive Juliet for game he talked

He sold hope and popped off

More than Peter Popoff

Juliet used to be a friend of mine

But Juliet still wanted to cap and roam around Rosaline

Became a gaslighter

Unashamed that he’s being gas lit

Falling for the evils of a beast

And behaving like a bitch

Hi Briana

Doesn’t it sound unique?

That Juliet penned a letter about you

But chose to not be discreet?

Hi Briana

Doesn’t it sound cliche

That Juliet will speak in cliches

Knowing you were only a priority

Because his main interest didn’t want to reveal her glory?

Bye Briana

You couldn’t even have a mere conversation

But send poets to do your bidding

A hee hee


Killed your strongest competitor in your own home

Can run to Twitter about Juliet

But won’t leave him alone

You’ve mastered bating and bated a peasant who bates

Now you’re a past, present, and future tense

Of masturbate

Get it together

What happened to your passion?

What happened to your zeal?

Was the love toward us fake?

Do you know how to be real?

You were blocked because your heart is not into a soul

You know how to lead on

But don’t know how to share control

I’m almost done

I’m wrapping it up

Bringing this to a close

I just got a few things to ask

How you try to move ya hips

When you ain’t got no ass?

How you know how to graze in green pastures

But in your own space you’re in a daze?

Where’s the mystique?

What happened to your crown?

Let’s end the hallucinations right here Judas

Give Juliet his chalice back now.

⁃ Mayhem

Beard looks weird,

I’m a poetic genius to be feared,

You wrote a 3 minute song and got the facts wrong,

Fired with the hair and safety still on,

I guess that “Statement” is just a tale,

With dreams and hopes on sale,

Juliet’s Chalice ,

initials, JC, Caps empty,

Just Choke……

While superficially sipping bullshit soup to fill your ego

or will it be over breakfast for a serial user,

steadfast out selling cereal probably,

problems with your intellectual property

so you’re just a prop to stop and see.

What? You’re about 6ft and standing taller,

Now Julie I’m not picking on you man, ya baby’s muva or ya daughter,

But it’s clear you needed security,

You’re a big and bad ball-less brawler,

that’s the shallowest level you can sink to,

and though it’s none of my fucking bees wax,

you did that shit to be witnessed and receive plaques,

but it was easy and witless like Kellogs corn flakes,

Poetry doesn’t need a bunch of musical fakes,

forcing the rhyme like all you want is smoke,

not literally you’d choke, that’s such a weak ass joke,

clearly begging for your songs to be bought up,

as if we went from supporting you from that dark space, pulling you up,

to supporting poetry on a no flair brand corrupt

and yeah I admit some of it was good, generous, but look,

with 2 weeks to write it should have been off the hook,

this lame ass, your best and you took as long as you could,

when your next hit is out you’ll remember where you last stood,

and you’ll be mocked by the only line that was any good,

Juliet can’t stand up,

that’ll get you like Sylven Landesberg,

from VA Beach,

leave now and fly home.

How do you continuously drink the poison?

You probably forgot all about that in the garden

Didn’t you?

Forgot everything you planted died in the garden

Didn’t you?

Moved on from your disrespect, but got comfortable with new disrespect

Didn’t you?

You saw her tweet and thought she was prettier

Didn’t you?

You wanted her more than you needed respect

Didn’t you?

But when she lets you down

And when she doesn’t tend to that garden

When she finds someone better

And when she moves the fuck on

Who the hell are you gonna run to?

Probably some little simple rap beats

That you’ll cry on & put out on iTunes

And honestly, way deep deep down

I miss you bro, I wanted you to win, I needed you to win

But, reality check sir,

I really am disappointed in you and dream of your wake up moment

You really pissed me tf off

So I’m done, now I’m through with this shit

But, take note of the depth and the many numerous chances in this,

written within an hour of hearing that mess,

You was at your peak, now for the diss-appearance,

I’ve heard you can’t write your own lyrical sentence,

that’s dense, how you ever gonna go the distance,

now go into the distance with your spoon and bowl,

you had your 15 minutes of fame so back to your hole.

Demon Time

poisoned soul

call you stevie wonder,

the way you turned a blind eye

to the whole team you had behind you.

all we wanted was to protect you from her.

to see you win,

lift you up,

give you the recognition you deserve.

I was rooting for you,


but you chose not to acknowledge the love we poured.

and in the end,

the way you moved truly had us floored.

if it’s fuck us, then it’s FUCK YOU too.

having all of that in front of you

still couldn’t keep you from running to a witch that had no interest in being your boo.

went from dms to guts to blocked

in only a matter of months,

yet you’re still wrapped tightly around her finger.

lurking like a vulture over somebody that is dead weight,

I guess being prolific was never a part of your fate.

you’re not shit and you know it,

hiding behind the mask of what you call a poet.

feeding us sweet words while messing with the poison,

just know that when you come crawling home

the door is closed son.

it’s locked and we threw away the key,

doesn’t matter if you try to beg & plea.

there’s no coming back from what you did,

manipulating and using us for your benefit.

really we’re overjoyed that you split.

you were only causing us emotional damage,

all because you just couldn’t let go of your damn baggage.

so thank you…

for seeing yourself out,

now we got one less thing to stress about.

~ poetic glory

Yeah this poetry goes out to them groveling phony fraudulent poets

Who think they some hot shit, but really their rhymes should be flushed down the crapper.

I won’t pitter-patter over the poetry games floorboards; I bust through it and slice them up with my sword.

Poetry today has decayed, laid to waste by copy and pasted fuckin’ fruity bars that only care about getting paid.

So despicable, yet so typical for this day and age, creativity is deadlocked away underground in a cage. Only the critically insane fuckin ever try to resurrect this poetry game, because most get into bed with the devil so they can achieve easy fame.

Poison Ivy consumed the conversation in the garden, in the poetry, and outside the smoke sessionz, corrupting the young man as if he was a pawn as if life was like a game of chess.

Oh Father, my Father up in heaven, we need help, I tried dialing your number but there mustn’t be any service on the main line.

Are you hearing me cry for him?

I tried to show the corruption, but it keeps getting covered up by this convoluted industry. Yeah I went there, tf you gon do? you just some phonies with some really low IQ’s. Yeah I said this was going to be a Diss poem, that points out how all this worldly shit is super whack.

Fake poets, fake society, trying to look real and happy in their greedy nobility. While other starve to survive, literally, but I forgot that the majority don’t give a fuck about minorities.

Forgive me for all the honesty; I know I should probably see a specialist in psychiatry. Shit, yeah I go off the handle every now and again, I’m not here to make friends with filthy pagans. I’m just here to establish my poetic ministry; I’m here to challenge everything and everyone’s dignity and humility.

I’m not in for cheese; I’m only in it because I want to shake poetry’s monochrome foundation to its knees.

Tear it down then build it up, there needs to balance just like a pendulum, no time for sell out broken down ho’s. Diss the flow, get to know who the fuck you calling out, otherwise it might come back to knock you out.

Diss just business, its time to throw in the towel if you can’t finish, diminish all of those who can’t handle this new improved business. Be a role model that anyone could look up to, and if you’re not down to that then I call bullshit. Diss is the time to reinvent yourself, its ok if you need a little help cleaning out your shelf. Everyone deserves a second chance to change, to rearrange themselves so they can begin a new stage. Diss is not what you expected, but I hope you hear these words so that you can heal instead of staying infected.

Don’t know what I’m doing here, sick of that rhyme shit. Just here standing on the edge of oblivion, checking my soul lost in the stars. I’m upside down, drowning in seas of expression but I don’t let this bother me. I’ve got a heart of gold, I say it proudly, I’ll scream it loudly. Now here you are reading my words and thinking “wow this nigga must be under a curse” but this isn’t the truth this isn’t right.

My life the knot of the snakes belly after eating a rat. I’m a balloon let go by a lonely boy. I creep like Pennywise, not a surprise I dream, I smoke the plant that deletes history. I’m an up and I’m a down but you’ll never see me fucking around. This is revolutionary, this is the truth. If you don’t like it well, fuck you.

I’m not gonna conform, I’m not a dog on a leash. My inner monster has just been released. I found myself, on a rhyme in the demon time

I found a penny lost in France. Like ballerinas and their delicate dance, on your grave theirs a losers name. A King ends up concealing a wanna be legend. A rat trap, a persons neck snapped. Tell me one thing, if I offer you that lemon they say life offers would you bite into it or throw it away? That’s all I really got to say. I can’t help you, I cannot heal time. You can’t hold a fish out of water and tell it to run. Off with his head. This is nonsense, this is gibberish. Read, that’s what I need. Hear me out. Hear a ant who found a picnic. Your chest hurts, your heart is inflamed. You loved her and it’s driving me insane. The feelings of a dinosaur the minute before the end. I’ll tell you now I’ll tell you here, you don’t need to please any fucking person on this earth. You need to own it, dedicate, make your name something most commonly known. The word of God but this isn’t the same. Come along with me down to the strawberry patch, bite into madness; don’t let that shit bring sadness. You must stay, I must go. As my last words, I’m an angel disguised as a demon, look into my eyes. Inside my pure eyes; down this rabbit hole is fine, well you’ll join me on this Demon Time.

All you niggas is my sons, but I didn’t abort it

All my book sales sail you can all aboard it

Just cop the whip but you can’t afford it

You can’t relate you Honda Accord it!

And this is the Facts according to me

If you can’t afford a car, you can’t roll with me

Miss Ivy got that pussy on swerve, but pull over please

What you thought? That a bitch would ride my dick for free?!

Ride for free!? Nah, imma needa service FEE

You can catch me getting a tan, Over Seas!

She needed a PaP! I ain’t talkin Ovaries!

ima say this again. Lemme reiterate this for free:

All these Nazir’s is my sonz!

Yeah that’s Nasir with a Z

Make sure da baby pays attention

Go get his bib, this diss was pretty messy

This is me & the girls speaking the last of your name

I could’ve killed your rap career too

But I heard your songs, your careers already lame

I am that bitch. The one who doesn’t have to speak much words but today I got time for it. No more hiding, no more secrets.

Baby, I’m the one and somehow you missed out on keeping this bitch. I got everything a man wants. Including how my throat is the goat in his thoughts.

Allow my words to serenade your soul. I guess you can say I accomplished the goal and I’m above everything you talking about

All I hear is shit. The kind the comes out the ass and it never look pretty… what a ugly fit.

You probably assume I couldn’t presume I’d be on your level. Everybody loves and enjoy the company I be bringing. Now look at you, copying everything I do… someone’s tryna eat off my amazing gift.

Oh no, can you feel the shift in the room? plucking up my roots from the toxic garden you came up with. Looks like the seeds I planted was plucked up and nothing else to replace it. WELCOME to my fucking garden.

You know what, I give you props. You had me. I was in a chokehold until I heard how you really felt about me. You shut me out of my originality and wanted all the shine to go to you, the culprit.

It’s okay, it’s alright, I knew my skills wasn’t meant for what you kept telling yourself, “it’s all mine.” Keep it, I no longer need it because what it looks like is everyone praising me and giving you a bit of credit.

Don’t worry I wasn’t expecting to be you. As you may see, I got just as much love as you do. My energy and flow speaks volumes. I wish to see how my name suddenly because the talk of your poetic gain.

I may not have touch the topics you wrote about but give me enough time, I’ll blow you out this park. Shit it maybe even better from the poems you be picking apart.

Now.. I shouldn’t be talking like this but because my man King told me what’s up, I had to go the fuck in. This will be my last time speaking about a poisonous twig. No longer have access to wrap your vines around me because I’m the one who is toxic.

You’ll miss me… so whenever my name comes up… my ass is open for that kiss.

Madam Slaye

You Peasants Ain’t Shit Unless I Rule The Kingdom

I write myself affirmations

That really could decapitate all ya egos across the nation

Like, nigga I really write stanzas that express myself against your self defining parameters

In a world full of monkey’s wanting bananas

Like niggas clout chasing moving to Atlanta

When really you niggas should be worried about your stamina

I’m not surprised at your lack of wisdom

You think you could wear my crown? You just played yaself, thats fandom

That sounds just as dumb as Lamar Odom

You peasants ain’t shit, unless I rule the kingdom

Cause I make record breaking

Shit shake but u knew that I’m sure

I’m too busy loving me back nigga

Like Jazz said, why you gotta be so insecure?

This is my kingdom, I got no room for your stuff

But I suggest you pack this feeble minded approach up

I can’t believe the audacity of you peasants, just my luck

I’m going to go ahead and teach you the art of “Not Giving A Fuck”

“How is he so free?” Is your question

Too rebellious for this crown, they say it’s too much freedom

But it was ME the name “King” you bestowed upon

And still you peasants ain’t shit, unless I rule the kingdom

So while I’m here, let’s be clear, wasn’t none of this notoriety free

I had to shake and move to get my name out the city, too many niggas looking at me with envy

To many niggas lying talking about they feel me

Too many niggas NOT writing about heartbreak or misery

So I had to build my Kingdom with heartache & pain

Because nobody resonated with going insane

They just wanted the poems about heartbreaks and shame

But did Sean rebel?

Did he damn you to hell?

No he gave you a pass, kept it moving with class

While all the while you should be kissing his ass

I showed you the way, gave you the Redprint to own

But you disrespectful bitches can’t keep copy & pasting what’s shown

If you can’t keep from plagiarizing

Then my next diss will have your mind blown

Don’t come in my Kingdom disrespecting my throne

Your bitch ass can go back to being on the outskirts

Be glad I don’t take off ya head

That shit would be light work

I’d narrate your death so good, MC Lyte’s work would be hurt

So hurt her narrating career would decompose in the dirt

“All hail the King” is what they yelling out

Not King James or King Combs fuck it

Cuz I can’t allow obnoxious Kings in my circle of royalty

that low vibrational energy, I’m fucking above it

This love i have for myself and be

poetic as My beautiful smile like me

A great sense of humor, like me

man who am I kidding its unlikely

There’s no one that’s  like me

So I touch myself alot

If beauty’s in the eye of the beholder

Than everyone’s be holding so stop

Telling me I’m incredibly conceited

Cuz I already knew

But how am I conceited when the

Fact is I’m amazing it’s totally true

Even my mom says I’m special

And I don’t mean I’m whacked

Even though sometimes toilet paper rips while wiping so nasty is that

But lucky for me in fact

Is My shit doesn’t stink

I’ve never been in love like this with a

Queen before but now I am i think

I maybe wearing more red

Cause it makes me look good

Actually I can’t look any better

So I make red be what it should

A King like me, cuz I’m too

Cut throat to not be honest, to ever be

With anyone else cause I’m

Almost even too good for me

But we all must meet our maker

At one time, and before I leave

Let me explain to you why I wrote

this and  hope it’s not what it seems

My Kingdom can be a bit picky

When it comes to bringing in certain energy

Fuck around and get fucked around if you become my enemy

The enemy of my enemy ain’t no fucking friend to me

You make it look dumb hard to let go of ya insecurities

Kept bottled inside

Cus Casper, ya daddy, made you feel lonely

So you tryna come up in my shit & fuck up my serenity

So I wrote this out

To trick you niggas to think of my absence

Hoping the self love will develope

If I first metaphorically enforce the habit

Before I welcome you into my kingdom

I must know why you came to me

So write yourself something free aggressively

Say “Fuck You” and set it all free

Cuz i figure my figure or lack of

Figures in the bank

Would suppress if I contest

My emotional mess and blame

Myself for pointing out all

The things that make me Me

Instead of feeling like the high school ho

In training I was, straying away from values I know

So I write to educate for my legacy

So is this the thanks that I get for putting you niggas on?

Is it my fault that your mentality is dead wrong?

You peasants ain’t shit, unless I rule the kingDOM

Clapback SZN

all this philosophical shit
it spoils the natural flow
my words would naturally go
to the tempo that I make
and I ain’t gon take
all your poetry shit
cos I’m a wordsmith dude
and I just wanna write
yeah I rhyme where I like
and repeat all my words
so they stick in your head
like the feathers on birds
and it might not make sense
but I’m just too intense
to pretend that I’m not
and your mama’s a bitch
and your daddy’s a ho
and I’m natural so
you should listen to me
like the guys on TV
I’m the goddamn King so you should bow down
how you likin’ me now
no I won’t punctuate
that’s the shit that I hate
all your goose chasing rules
you’re all copycatting fools
I got no time for tools
I just follow the rhyme
I’m like lemon and lime
it’s a lyrical crime
and I’m covered in grime
and I’m swimming in slime
I’ve got mountains to climb
I’ve got church bells to chime
Sound of Music is prime
and my mom says it’s time
for me to put my notebook away and go to bed like a good boy or I won’t get any chocolate tonight

She got over the fight

You remember that senseless fight with that

Nigga whose light wasn’t bright I

Got tired of hearing her/him

had to get them

Out of my sight

Always wanting to remind me of some fake ass plight

When they couldn’t even compare to the altitude on my flight

Shit was disgusting like her/hims overbearing overbite

Fuck outta here you must’ve forgot

Don’t touch the King with them hands so sweaty

Listening to you sub me, words tremblingly and unsteady

I figure I’m your worst dream

It’s nightmare on Elm Street and guess who’s playing Freddy?!

Now go back to bed, tuck yourself in

Because nobody cares to hear… I don’t even know if you could still call it a “diss” on this end

Whatever it is, wrap it up

Because it’s Clapback Szn

I’ve been gone for too long

Now your time’s up

The Only Room Available Is Room For Improvement

In this hotel, I was given the last room

The room for self improvement

On my receipt it reads, “tell me something i do not know”
Well as i age like many others spiritually i do not grow
In most of us room for self improvement when you see it in this way
Too much love of self for the mind not healthy despite what some of this does have to say
We all have our human flaws to cope with yours are different to mine
And that we look at life quite differently is something that does suit me fine
As long as you never deliberately in your words hurt anybody’s feelings and put other people down
To me you are an okay person and an asset to the town
It is said what you or i dislike in others in our own selves we do see
Though with this sort of thinking many others may not agree
I can only live my own life be as good as i can be
For to make a better World to live in i must make a better me
In my moments of self reflection i have come to realize
That in me heaps of room for self improvement this to me not a surprise.

Self reflection in this hotel mirror shows me who I am, not who I was or who is on the rise

This moment this time this day these eyes

I am Sean Welch, Sean the King, Sean the Red Head, Sean the prize

Has room for improvement despite the ego size

Spiritually my God is with me on this ride

This room for self improvement is His will

No room to self sabotage the love He will fill

No room for doubting the Love for me will heal

No room for imitation of lack of talent is real

No room for ideas, ideals, ideologies to steal

The only room left is for self inducements

Whether you’re a worker or you’re a student

Remember theres always room for improvement

My mindset: I ain’t mad at you, but have to leave you ruined

When you rappin with other poets that’s lackin making improvement

In this hotel I was given the last room

Now it’s time to check out, so I’ll

Light my last blunt of the day to start the movement

While sittin in the room with a view, but there’s always room for improvement

Not Your Shit

Hey somebody almost walked off with my shit

And I’m not talking about my jewelry that’s showcased in my jewelry box with the padded lock

Or some quick buck tech stuff to trade in for a dime bag

Walking off with my shit

Ain’t that crazy?

Slim shady you beat me, he raped me

Took my dignity and confidence

Because of your incompetence

You’re lazy

Didn’t even want a daughter anyway

Who said I asked for a dad?

Now i’m filling the void with sex anytime I get a chance

And then it clicked

This isn’t meant for me

Now i’m hot and hard, sedimentary

And have become the hermit every one said I was meant to be…

Somebody really almost walked away with all my shit

Invaded my privacy

you thief,

you leech

You think you got granted you access to take my shit

Bitch it’s mine

Find you something safe to do and put it back

You didn’t bother to even leave a note of “I O U”

or collateral

You were the complete opposite of the reason you take adderall

You made the call to become a burglar, a burger

You’re a fool

Who needs to put my shit back and play by the rules

Because taking my shit won’t pay for your dues, your truth

Of being a joke that nobody finds funny

Materialistic. No money.

Give it back. My shit is not yours, and best believe you don’t want the weight of what comes with it.

End up keeping demons you didn’t want in the first place but because it looked so good you just had to take.

I said put it back.

Put my shit back.

For years of using my voice to coat your own in the music that was mine.

People thinking I’m living a double life

Imagine you making money off my thoughts and emotions

By posting

My music.

Girl you didn’t write that, rap me that song since you posted it

You’re a phony. A gimmick. A copy

Someone who wants be Indigo without the proper ID

What’s wrong with your own shit?

Like a child you only wanted what was mine because you feel your things no longer serve you purpose

But when your done with my shit who’s to say you won’t drop it for something new.

Does that make you nervous?

Giving you the decision. To make a choice.

Off precision.


I’m calling my brothers and they’ll kick ya teeth in

For even thinking you could take my shit.

And call it yours.

Get the fuck away from my shit.

You have minutes. No seconds.

Because you’re not walking off with my shit. Unless you want a beat down or two.

Where will you go next thinking you can take their shit too?

Somebody almost walked off with all my shit
Not my poems or a bank head bounce i let loose up in the street
but somebody almost walked off with all my shit
like a crack head feenin hard & too high to remember why he stealin.
This is mine.
This aint your shit.
Now, why don’t you put me back & let me hang out in my own self?

Somebody almost walked off wit all my shit
& didn’t care enough to send a text to my family sayin’
I don’t intend to come to my own solo debate
or too mature for my own childish hair styles

What can anybody do wit somethin of no value on a open market?
Did you get any money for my belongings?
Hey nigga, where are you goin wid all my shit?

This is a grown man’s trip & I need my shit
to ooouuuu & damn about.
Nigga, I gotta mainline number from my own shit
Now wont you put me back & let me play this duet
with diamonds in my ears

honest to God
somebody almost run off wit all of my shit

& I didn’t bring anything but the punch & dialect of it
the perfect touch for my woman & none of it is theirs.
This is mine.
Jamaican “Fi him own shit”
That’s my name.

Now give me my stuff
Before you hurt yourself trying take what ain’t yours

How the fuck was you going to walk down my street

With my shit

Claiming that what you currently possess ain’t mine, now ain’t that some shit

Boy you’re so flip




And now I gotta teach you the fuckin lesson that your mommy & daddy failed to teach you

I’m going to beat your ass because you TRIED to steal all my shit

Tried and failed.

Don’t you have enough shit?

The emotional baggage from your last relationship

She didn’t care enough to tell you that she didn’t love to your face

So now you out here forcing your emotions on other people’s plates

Making them feel lonely without their own solid traits

How dare you even think that you could get away with taking another’s destiny that awaits

Now I’m going to pistol whip you for even imagining such a crime to demonstrate

Somebody almost run off wit all my shit,
& I was standin there, lookin at myself the whole fucking time.
& it wasn’t a spirit that took my stuff.
was a woman whose ego walked around like the Queen of the Nile.
was a man faster than my adolescence.
was a lover i made too much room for.
Almost run off wit all my shit,
& I didnt know i’d give it up so quick.
& the one runnin wit it don’t know she got it,
& I’m shoutin this is mine!
& she dont know she got it.

My stuff is the anonymous ripped off treasure of the year.
Did you know somebody almost got away wit me,
me in a duffle bag under their arm about to board a plane?
Me danglin on a string of personal forgetfulness?
I’m spattered wit mud puddles & city snow,
& No I didnt get a chance to wash my ass.

Hey nigga, you ain’t Bobby & this ain’t your fucking prerogative.
I gotta have me in my pocket,
to get round like a good man should,
& make this poem in the pot or the vegan chicken in the dance.
What the fuck I got to do?
I gotta get my shit to perform it to?
Why dont ya find your own shit
& leave this package of me for my destiny.
What ya got to get from me,
I’ll give it to ya.
Yeh, I’ll give it to ya round 5:00 quarter past wtf,
when the sky is blue-red
& Dew City is gettin pressed.
If it’s really my shit,
ya gotta give it to me.
If ya really want it,
I’m the only one can handle it.

Fuck You! I really can’t believe somebody almost walked off with all my shit

What were you going to do? Walk down the street and try somebody else?


Just when they thought I was done before the summer

Came out the cabinets, & still running shit like ya water

I’m done being the bigger person, playtime is ova

You niggas are my sonz, be glad I didn’t pay to abort ya

Ya baby’s muva tryna holla in a peach Impala

I thought you just got that raise, why she asking niggas for a dollar?

You should’ve stayed in your lane

I’ll knock your top off, make it go missing like David Blane

Damn lil nigga, I should be in your pot

‘Cause everywhere I go they sayin’ Sean you’re hot

I catch more eyes than the letter with the dot

Super-size fries, you think I’m jealous but I’m not

He got it twisted like a cock-eyed bitch

That’s why I be in Mr. Chows, you a Popeye’s bitch

You the type to get some money, go spend it on ya bro’s

Save just enough to share something from the dollar menu with a broke ass ho

It ain’t about money, you ain’t speakin’ my lang’

Cuttin’ any nigga off if he enter my lane

And it really ain’t a thang, when I bang, I bang

All I need is 1 phone call, & that’ll be the end of your game

Fuck wrong with you? I’ll disrespect you in Patwah

I can teach you this game, like a son learning from his father

You can’t beat me, so don’t bother

You soft like butter, and no, I don’t stutter

You Romeo and I’m Master P

That’s why they mention my name first, then you after me

I’m the up and comin’ that the streets talk about

This dick will have your bitch weak in the knees, make that ho walk it out

The King gets it poppin’ like I came unannounced

Stay with a goon and my goon dumbin’ out

So, first thing first, I’m the king in this game

I’d rather take your head off your shoulders than continue entertaining this “beef” with someone insane

Mayday! Mayday!

Mayhem is on the loose

Ready to wreak havoc

On your ignorant minds

King, they thought I wasn’t going to say nothing

Why do people feel the need to have my name on their lips

Wasting their energy

All because they want beef with me?

I just be chillin

Minding my own business

These heroes are so super playing the role of a villain

They’re not inevitable

One snap, one poem from me

They’re folded

I’m arguably one of the hottest kings on the poetry scene

Went from NYC to CT

My bars are unprecedented

They try to emulate me

I throw the five fingers to the face and wave

Now they can’t even see me

My times been now

So now I gotta spazz real quick

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty

You itty bitty piggy’s stuck in farmer’s markets

But waiting for your mama to teach you how to suck on titties

Yet you want the beef with me?

Touch not my anointed

Do this poet no harm

Starships were made to fly

But I’m known to sound the alarm

Don’t bring a knife to this gun fight

You’ll end up slain

I will unleash Pyro

And you’ll be engulfed in flames

Haters…. Come out and play!

There’s no forgiveness

I’m here to taint and destroy your image

I’m disposing of all you amateurs

The ones who talk in cliches

But confused on what’s night and day

You got your head so far up your ass

That you shit bricks and whack lyrics

Put a smile on

Everyone deserves to be a kid

But you can’t have it your way

If you’re not eating fresh

If you’re just caught up in flesh

These bars are so cardiac

That after you read this piece five times

Five will bring twelve and have you under arrest

Okay back to the topic at hand

We’re discussing beef

I should’ve called myself Miami

Because of how I brought this heat

But I’ll leave that moniker to the queen from Flavor of Love

Its too much poison in the world

That’s why we can’t cry like doves

These references probably went over your heads

So let me slow it down for you to understand

I’ll destroy every person who wants to go toe for toe

You think I’m moving too fast

Nah, you’re moving to slow

To keep up with Mayhem

You got to stay on beat

Cause this experience will have you mesmerized

As if you’re in the presence of Juni Speaks

Red told me to unleash the monster

Prince told me to take it easy

Twan, Indi, and Mama A said go crazy and don’t keep it PG

I don’t need a garden

This earth been mine to graze

You’re just in a maze

Caught in a toxic daze

Still stuck on stupid

And trying to figure out why you can’t turn the page

Why you can’t walk away

Why you can’t even pray

Why you question if that’s a unique bed for fragility to lay

You want beef?

You got it

Don’t say I ain’t try to warn you

And if you try to rebut

I’ll have to destroy you

No remorse.

⁃ Mayhem

You must not know who I be

On my way to Tai-Chi off the L.I.E

Don’t be mad cause you not a nigga like me

Think he go harder than Sean, that’s a L-I-E

Niggas know I’m half gone, I got my K-9 mask on

You niggas is too busy getting pussy whipped on

When I do it, it get done, just call me Olivia Pope’s son

Or call me the anchor on this bitch, no track & field run

Went vegan, wrap this beef in a lettuce bun; eating my competition in LA under the sun

These poems ain’t for play or for fun, let me buckle my shoes

Wait, hold on, little mama, its my suit I gotta fix

I got that presidential dick; when she see it her lips she lick

I am the red King, stay with a rasta

If you get at him, I’ll turn your brain into pasta

On ’em spaceships, yup we came in with NASA

Even out in Mars we the stars, oh my god

You niggas is my sons,

yup I’m the father

Itty Bitty Poet

Fuck ya’ll niggas I’m back like a boomerang

Resurrect the champ so I can teach you how to do this thang

test me and I’mma come down like an avalanche

bitch you a waste of time like what you spent on ya wannabe girls 2nd spray tan

Stanzas go harder than a 4 hour erection

I’m that poetry nigga no need for election

Presidentially speakin to this rapper slash poet ova here playin

Get on your knees and give me Mizz Lewinsky

Yes I said Mizz Lewinsky

You should start singin

Watch how I use this bitch’s name in a sentence

gave them the King and it was the best they ever had

But that’s all that bitch is worth face down in her lap, haha my bad

Deep throat bitches on the mic tryna rap

Not moved by your shit

so imma send you packin

You can be a bad bitch imma stick wit classy

You a 5 star chick but nigga I’m a whole galaxy

Milky way bitch I know niggas that would eat you out

You prolly really gay anyway jus like you sound

Why would you emulate an artificial entity?

I guess you must’ve ran out of real people to copy

Fuck ya whole “on the rise”, but never risen rap career- that’s plastic

If a prostitute is fast then this bitch nigga is faster

I mean like a track star

call her the back star

Famous for layin on her back with the wannabe rap stars

Damn bitch why u let me fuck yo flow open

I hope ur satisfied cuz your glory’s been stolen

I hope you understand this

I aint on no hate shit

But if I see some wack shit

I gotta address it, so

if you see an itty bitty poet in the market

Give this butch a quarter in the car tell her to park it, wait

I don’t fuck wit pigs like Nicki Minaj on dat star shit

But when you close your legs then maybe I can start shit!

You could’ve worked with me, & your career would’ve been lit

But you chose to diss

Instead of trying to figure out if you wanna be a Mr. or a Miss

But I digress

I got no more time for you, this poem was for play

But playtime is over, so go back to ya play Pen & tell me what Buzz & Woody got to say

Ya itty bitty

so mini

No mouse trickery

Got all these little niggas comin back and spillin tea on all ya lies and tom foolery

Can’t keep up with your shit, so ima call you Itty Bitty Miley

What’s good?!

I mean I don’t even know why you even bother at this point

It’s me, I win! You lose!!


Born into the color of my skin I was destined to fail

A lifetime full of trials and tribulations hitting me like hail

Growing up in the hood, I would have never made it out alive

Just another nigga deprived, fighting to live and strive

The monster in me contained, waiting to be unleashed

Devouring the lies and feeding the beast

Just another nigga in a white mans world

Getting dirty looks because the color of my girl

Jobs turned down, interviews never given

I’m just a black man trying to make a living

In a world where color still matters and the only color is white

Proud to be black, from the country where life started so bright

In their eyes I’m just another nigger

Trying to make it to something bigger

My brown skin is what ignorant people consider a curse

I consider it a gift, glad I was this way since birth

I see the look in their eyes, the fear when I walk by on the street

They know I’m strong, and their weak, but they won’t admit defeat

This is a white mans world, government, law, social living

Always taking from the people instead of giving

We’re ghetto, we’re loud, we’re obnoxious,everything about us wrong

But we were a peaceful nation living good and growing strong

I’m just a nigga living in a white world and I see from the inside

Their true colors, the evil under their skin, makes me want to cry

A powerful people who has life easy, fed with a silver spoon

But us “niggas” learning and we’ll have our day real soon

I’m just a nigga to everyone, I no longer care

I will have my justice if or if not its fair

I’m just a N.I.G.G.A. what are you?